Enabling landfills to take full control of gas collection





Apis Innovation's patent-pending device places every component required for precision gas system tuning on each gas well in a solar-powered, wireless, self-contained, and practically maintenance-free package. The internal valve actuator, sensor cluster, and solar panel array allow for real-time gas well monitoring and tuning through a web-based user interface. With user approval, the device will operate autonomously, constantly calculating ideal valve control parameters based on current sensor readings and gas well history. A diagnostic feature uses an algorithm to pinpoint failures and problematic operational conditions—allowing for immediate corrective action.

Linc Automation Landfill Wellhead
Link Automation Landfill Well Head


Enhanced Gas Recovery

By continuously monitoring and tuning each gas well, our device significantly improves gas quality and recoverability—maximizing revenue from power generation, while minimizing environmental impact and preventing odors.   

Reduced Gas System Maintenance Costs

Our unit automatically tests, tunes, and compiles reports for each gas well—eliminating the need for a technician to travel into the field to complete gas well monitoring, tuning, and reporting.

Rapid Failure Detection

We use a unique failure-detection algorithm to predict and locate common gas transport pipe failures, allowing for timely and cost-effective repair.



Comprehensive Sensor Cluster

  • Oxygen, methane, carbon dioxide, temperature, vacuum, and flow sensors are used for gas sampling and monitoring

  • A series of diagnostic sensors constantly monitor operational state to detect critical component failures, power levels, and internal humidity levels


Wireless Mesh Network

  • Enables real-time well tuning and monitoring through our user interface 

  • Low transmission power consumption ensures each unit is online 24/7


Valve Actuator

  • A high-torque motor provides enough rotational force to overcome internal valve build-up  

  • Precision valve position sensor with redundant electronic end-stops ensure adjustment accuracy and reliability


Multi-Orientation Solar Array

  • Units can be mounted facing any direction  

  • Steep angled solar panels resist snow and sediment accumulation, ensuring each unit remains connected to the network




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