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Work Smarter. Not Harder.

Precision Landfill Gas Tuning, Right at Your Fingertips. The Apis SmartWell redefines landfill gas management with precision tuning that's accessible from your desktop, smartphone, or tablet.


Real-time Monitoring

Our SmartWell is equipped with an internal valve actuator, sensor cluster, and solar panel array, enabling real-time monitoring and control of landfill gas wells through Apis' cloud platform. 

Intelligent Diagnostics

Our diagnostic feature employs advanced algorithms to identify failures and operational issues, allowing for swift corrective action. Say goodbye to unexpected downtime.

Autonomous Operation

With your approval, the SmartWell takes charge, constantly analyzing sensor data and gas well history to calculate and implement optimal valve control parameters.


The best part? Each SmartWell is wireless, self-contained, and solar-powered, minimizing your environmental footprint and ensuring reliable performance.

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Your Gas Field at Your Fingertips.

Built with the same equipment as our smartWells, headerMonitors provide a comprehensive view of your gas field data. Experience faster issue resolution and reduced downtime, thanks to our swift failure detection system. 


Versatile Placement

Monitors can easily be mounted on header lines, providing a continuous stream of landfill gas data. Monitor the overall health of an area, not just a single wellhead.

Enhanced Visibility

Our monitors offer a detailed view of your plant, and can help pinpoint the location of an issue contributing to decreased gas quality.


Precision monitoring for your environment.

Our weatherStation captures real-time data on crucial atmospheric parameters, including temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, rain fall, UV index, and solar flux.



Elevate your well-tuning decisions by gaining unparalleled visibility into rainfall, soil saturation dynamics, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. 

Seamless Cloud Integration

Enjoy a streamlined monitoring experience by seamlessly integrating data into the Apis Cloud. Access all meteorological insights alongside your gas field data.


Fast & Reliable 
Real-Time Data

Whether you're on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, the Apis Dashboard provides precision and control over your gas quality management.

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The Apis Dashboard is your gateway to a world of actionable insights and real-time data at your fingertips. With our cutting-edge technology, you gain precision and control over your gas quality management. 

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Centralized Data

View all of your devices in one place for a holistic overview. Our technology records hourly samples, creating a comprehensive history. Monitor current and historical valve positioning, enabling you to track and make adjustments as needed.


Pressure Monitoring

Check pressures at a glance, ensuring everything is running smoothly.

Comprehensive Gas Data

Access balance data, including methane, CO2, and oxygen levels, to maintain gas quality.

Remote Temperature Checks

Keep an eye on temperatures from anywhere, ensuring optimal conditions.

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