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Landfill Gas Monitoring


Work Smarter. Not Harder.

Precision landfill gas tuning from
your desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

The internal valve actuator, sensor cluster, and solar panel array on an Apis SmartWell allow for real-time landfill gas well monitoring and tuning through Apis' own web-based user interface.
With user approval, the device will operate autonomously, constantly calculating ideal valve control parameters based on current sensor readings and gas well history.
A diagnostic feature uses an algorithm to pinpoint failures and problematic operational conditions—allowing for immediate corrective action.

The best part?
Each SmartWell is wireless,
self-contained, and solar-powered.

Landfill Gas Monitoring

Comprehensive Sensor Cluster

  • Oxygen, methane, carbon dioxide, temperature, vacuum, and flow sensors are used for gas sampling and monitoring

  • A series of diagnostic sensors constantly monitor operational state to detect critical component failures, power levels, and internal humidity levels

Landfill Gas Monitoring

Valve Actuator

  • A high-torque motor provides enough linear force to overcome internal valve build-up 

  • Precision valve position sensor with redundant electronic end-stops ensure adjustment accuracy and reliability

Landfill Gas Monitoring

Multi-Orientation Solar Array

  • Units can be mounted facing any direction  

  • Steep angled solar panels resist snow and sediment accumulation, ensuring each unit remains connected to the network

Landfill Gas Monitoring

Remote Connectivity

  • Enables real-time well tuning and monitoring through our user interface 

  • Low transmission power consumption ensures each unit is online 24/7


A new kind of watchdog.

Minus the slobber.

Faster fixes and less downtime thanks

to our rapid failure detection system.

A great place to start or a complementary addition to a SmartWell-laden field, our Monitors are built to do everything but tune.  

Monitors can easily be mounted on header lines to collect landfill gas data and offer a steady stream of information you can use to keep an eye on the health of an area, rather than just a single wellhead.

They can be used to offer a detailed view of your plant, or to help pinpoint the location of an issue contributing to decreased gas quality.

Made with all of the precision measuring equipment used by our SmartWells, Monitors offer the same comprehensive view of your gas well data from the convenience of the Apis Dashboard.

Landfill Gas Monitoring

Liquid Level Sensors

The sharpest new tool in the shed.

Our newest development here at Apis.

Know just how wet your wells are with this simple and sturdy device. Our liquid level sensors are equal parts smart and durable, specialized to collect and transmit the data you need by going directly to the source.

Linked with one of our SmartWells, you can view all of your liquid level data on the Apis Dashboard alongside everything else without getting your boots dirty.

A great add-on to give you a clearer view of what's happening below the surface.

Apis Dashboard and Live Support

Take a look using the Apis Dashboard

Apis employs cutting edge technology to give you precise data on your gas quality. View it all from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop on the Apis Dashboard.

With hourly samples taken and recorded, you can view your entire history as well as current and historical valve positioning so you can track and adjust as needed.

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